My Husband’s Wedding

MUKA SPACE proudly presents its first tender love story for husbands, wives and all lovers. My Husband’s Wedding is an adaptation of the 1984 Naoki Award-winning short story “Koibumi (Love Letter)” by the late renowned Japanese writer Renjo Mikihiko. The play addresses the subtleties of male and female relationships, with a light touch. The Malaysian premiere of My Husband’s Wedding, adapted in Chinese and directed by award-winning director, Dr. Deric Gan will be held in Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) from 10th April to 13th April 2014.

My Husband’s Wedding features a husband who is an eccentric art teacher with the personality of a-young boy. He does things that he feels are right, and doesn’t really think too much about the consequences of his actions. The wife is a no-nonsense mother figure who always has to clean up after his mistakes. Their two personalities strike a balance and they enjoy a happy life together with their son. One day, the wife wakes up to find her husband gone with no explanation, and goes out in search of him … What she finds in the end is her husband’s wedding… 

Duration: 90 minutes
Performed in Mandarin with English subtitles

Dates & Times
10 Apr, Thurs: 8.30pm (available)
11 Apr, Fri: 8.30pm (available)
12 Apr, Sat: 3pm (available)
12 Apr, Sat: 8.30pm (selling fast)
13 Apr, Sun: 3pm (available)

VenuePentas 2, klpac

Cast:  Jane Ng, Siang Wei, Amelia Tan

My Husband’s Wedding Creative Team

Executive Producer Dato’ Faridah Merican
Artistic Director Joe Hasham OAM

Produce: Easee Gan
OriginalMikihiko Renjo (Japan)
Translator 王蕴洁
Director: Dr. Deric Gan
Playwright: Dr. Deric Gan
Music Composer: Zhang Shu China
Lyricist: Dr. Deric Gan
Singer: Evan Siau
Set Design: Meng Chit
Set Builder: David Wong
Lighting Designer: Amelia Tan
Lighting Operator: Azov Sim
Sound Operator: AK Siah
Image Designer: Eugene Ng
Graphic Designer Joel Wong
Stage Manager: Vincent Hau
Subtitle: Vincent Hau, AK Siah,Jinnie Lim
FOH Design: Swing Chong
Crew Petrina Chang Shobna Kumari
Publicist: Easee Gan,  Jinnie Lim

Cast: Jane Ng,  Siang Wei, Amelia Tan

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