Muka Space is a Malaysian cultural company specializing in drama production, theater performances, drama talent training and art publishing. It was founded in 2013 by Dr. Yan Yongqi and Yan Yongzhen. Muka Space is committed to producing and presenting high-quality stage boutiques, cultivating theater directors and audiovisual artists, promoting cross-industry cooperation in art, and conducting international art exchange activities.

In terms of drama creation, Muka Space’s performances mostly use world-famous works as creative materials, and strive to bring works of high literary value to local audiences. In 2019, Muka Space and local artists jointly created the original musical “Touching the Ancient City” ethnic cultural tourism original musical. With the full support of the head of state of Malacca, 228 residency performances were completed. Muka Space created 8 full-length works and 10 short stories in the past 8 years, which were nominated for 71 awards in Malaysia’s two prestigious drama awards, namely the Malaysian Chinese Opera Torch Award and the BOH Cameron Art Award, and won 38 awards. .

Among the local and international art exchange projects, Muka Space established Malaysia’s first “Three Kingdoms Performing Arts OJUGU Puppet·Play·Drum” art festival in 2014 that combines elements of puppetry, drama and drum drama. In 2014 and 2015, it hosted two Malaysian International Puppet Art Festivals, inviting artists from Peru, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Thailand and other artists to exchange, exhibit and workshop activities with Malaysian artists. In 2015, he hosted the “Local Original Screenplay Show” event, and promoted and performed the representative work “Red Bean Girl” by playwright Liao Peizhen. Muka Space also participated in the 2018 “Urbanscapes Art Festival” and the 2019 “Beihai Fringe Festival” with the puppet drama “The Story of Yalai”.

Muka Space now has four core sections. Through the troika of “training art professionals”, “creating high-quality stage products”, and “documentation”, it creates a systematic and complete artistic ecology for Malaysian theater art. The contents of the four major sections are as follows:

Muka Boutique-Production and performance of the “Classic New Interpretation” series, “Don’t Let TA Know” the new generation director series, “Travel Theater” domestic and foreign tour series, “Touching the City” cultural tourism musical series have been performed so far Thousands of shows, with more than 30,000 audiences at home and abroad, won more than 50 art awards, and become a drama brand with an excellent reputation.

Mucha Crafts-the “Muka Crafts Art Series” launched to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Malaysian Chinese theater in 2019. It plans to publish ten professional drama series within five years to enrich local academic research on drama. And to achieve the purpose of popularization of drama. The published books include “Lone Walker on Stage”, “Everyone is an Actor”, “Oedipus’ Smile” and “Perform the Play to the End” in four volumes.

Mucha Intensive Training-Committed to hosting “art workshops and expert lectures” to enhance the professional skills of local art practitioners, expand the international vision of art, exchange and learn art with outstanding artists at home and abroad, and truly integrate with world drama . Workshops and lectures by overseas experts that have been held include: “Unlock the director’s password”, “Unlock the performance password”, “Appreciation of Chinese and foreign scripts”, “Turn performance products into best-selling products”, “New theater model under the epidemic”, “Handle the line performance in classic works” and so on.

Muka Charity-Free art activities organized include: campus art lectures, online art courses, online classic works on-demand, epidemic public welfare music videos, assistance programs for weak and small businesses, etc., hoping to provide spiritual and practical support to disadvantaged groups. Give back to society