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Drama is for all mankind, it is the shadow of human life, and it is a warning example of life. Every moment is portraying everyone’s dramatic moments. All human emotional concepts, thoughts, and behaviors can be recorded as dramatic content. Dramatic tolerance is not human, because its performance is beyond all human beings.

Every story have its own souls

Muka TheatrE

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Muka Literature

Entering the story from the world of books.

Everyone is a Great Actor

“Everyone Is A Great Actor” is a doctoral dissertation of the author Deric Gan who studied drama at the Central Academy of Drama. The book proposes a brand new doctrine “Life Performance Studies”. Life performance studies is non-ontological but a practical performing arts discipline that combines multiple interdisciplinary courses, such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, and natural sciences, from the functional perspective of applied drama. It is applicable to any individual in the social class who is interested in improving personal qualities and abilities. “Life Performance Studies”

MUKA Literature 01: The Lone Ranger on Stage

“The Lone Ranger on Stage: The Secret Code of Monodrama” is a master’s thesis of the author Deric Gan who studied drama at the Central Academy of Drama. Monodrama is a very important style of drama. Monodrama puts forward many new topics on traditional realistic drama performance.