MUKA Literature 07 : Theatre Hunter: Where Is The Next?

Muka Literature 07

Theatre Hunter: Where Is The Next?” is the seventh volume of the Muka Literature Series. It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. This book records the author Dr. Deric Gan’s 10-year world travelling story from 2011 to 2020. Over 10 countries and 20 cities, through more than 400 exquisite photos, the book introduces the world’s important international theatre festivals, famous theatres, great plays, and the former residences of theatre notables. In addition, the book will also introduce a collection of museums and galleries, as well as the cuisine of various countries. The author hopes that through this book, more people can include theatre hopping in their travel itinerary and enjoy the fun of art when traveling. This is the first travel journal with drama as its core content in Malaysia.


Dr Deric Gan


The author, Dr. Deric Gan, is a stage director based in China and Malaysia, and a doctoral tutor at the School of International Education, New Era University College. In 2022, the author is named as one of the most influential directors of Chinese contemporary experimental theatre in this recent 40 years.

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