MUKA Literature 08 : No Music No Life

No Music No Life” is the eighth volume of the Muka Literature Series. This book records the author Dr. Deric Gan’s 26-year music creation journey from 1995 to 2021. From a 17-year-old boy to a wanderer living overseas, the author’s relationship with music has changed from simple emotional expression, to integrating music into drama, and finally composing songs for film and television commercials. Music is like the wings of a dream, taking the author on a journey to find the happiness deep in his heart. Many of these songs are still sung in the author’s alma mater, the University of Malaya. This book, which records 116 original songs which come with the text, music, painting and photography, is a journal of a teenager’s dream-chasing journey. This is the first book in Malaysia that combines drama, music, literature and painting.



The author, Dr. Deric Gan, is a stage director based  in China and Malaysia, and a doctoral tutor at the School of International Education, New Era University College. In 2022, the author is named as one of the most influential directors of Chinese contemporary experimental theatre in this recent 40 years.

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