MUKA SPACE “2022 Performances” Cast Audition Call

MUKA SPACE “2022 Performances” Cast Audition Call


Performance in Mandarin



Male & Female Cast

Characters from 16 to 65 years old

Performance Date: 2022, month to be confirmed

Rehearsal Period: minimum 1 month and above


Cast Requirements 

  1. Highly coordinated with rehearsal time 
  2. Priority in Mandarin speech, aged 20 years and above, regardless of height or height of men and women
  3. Good at talent and singing 
  4. Actors who are interested in acting and who can have artistic collaboration in theatre thinking are preferred


Please prepare video recording (NOT MP3/Voice Recording)

  1. 1 minute self-introduction
  2. 1 minute monologue in Mandarin
  3. 1 minute solo singing 
  4. 1 minute body movement/dance
  5. resume/cv

(attached half and full body photos, full details included height and basic info, performance experience)
Email to

Notes: Can use dropbox, google drive or to submit materials. 

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