The Story of Ah Loy 2.0

7 – 8 Dec 2019 The Story of Ah Loy 2.0 Butterworth Fringe Festival 2019

This Butterworth Fringe Festival 2019 (BFF 2019), MUKA SPACE 木卡空间 and the MPA – Malaysian Puppetry Association will be bringing you ‘The Story of Ah Loy’, a reimagined story of Ah Loy and his journey to save a dystopian city. Get ready to be awed and surprised as this is a street puppet theatre on wheels, ideal for the family! Bring your kids too for more family-centric shows on 7 & 8 December 2019, 2 shows on 6.30pm & 9.30pm at Padang Pemuda Merdeka, Butterworth, Penang!

Dates & Times: (Only 4 shows)
7 & 8 Dec (Sat & Sun) | 6.30pm & 9.30pm

The Art Alley
Padang Pemuda Merdeka, Butterworth, Penang

MUKA’s Travel-Theatre “The Story of Ah Loy 2.0”

Artistic Director: Dr. Deric Gan
Puppetry Advisor: Dr. Loy Chee Luen
Director: Easee Gan
Story: Easee Gan & Lee Yueh Yi
Music: Lee Yueh Yi
Props Master & Puppet Maker: Simon Lee
Featuring Paige Chan, Ng Yuan Ci and Tan Li Yang

Special Thanks to Butterworth Fringe Festival 2019 (BFF 2019)!
Presented by MUKA Space & Malaysian Puppetry Association 
Supported by Dominant Music Studio | PuppetKu’s Theatre 

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