MUKA Literature 01: The Lone Ranger on Stage

Author : Deric Gan ⎮ First published in December 2019

“The Lone Ranger on Stage: The Secret Code of Monodrama” is a master’s thesis of the author Deric Gan who studied drama at the Central Academy of Drama. Monodrama is a very important style of drama. Monodrama puts forward many new topics on traditional realistic drama performance. In China, from the one-man show to the various performances of monodrama in recent years, we have maintained an attitude of understanding and not knowing about solo shows. One of the main reasons is that There is no monograph written specifically for monodramas in China to give us a more systematic understanding of monodramas. This book is divided into three chapters. The first chapter is mainly to clarify and clear the understanding of monodrama; The second chapter talks about the practice of monodrama and summarises the method used by the director while directing monodrama; Chapter three talks about the relationship between monodrama and experimental theatre.

  • “The Lone Ranger on Stage: The Secret Code of Monodrama” nominated for Book Reader’s Choice Awards in National Library of Malaysia Book Awards 2020. 
  • Special thanks to ASLI for sponsoring part of the printing cost of “The Lone Ranger on Stage”.
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