【MUKA Training : Acting Workshop】Unlocking the Secrets of Performance (Beginner Level)【Second Class】

【MUKA Training : Acting Workshop】Unlocking the Secrets of Performance (Beginner Level)

Workshop Date: 23rd August 2020

Workshop Hours: 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Venue: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Language of Instruction : Mandarin

/ Ideal for Student

【Age】18 years and above

theater and film actors

/ Course Overview

What is acting? What are the keys to successful performances? What is theatrical thinking? What sets apart film actors from stage actors? How can you become a professional actor? Dr. Deric Gan from the Beijing Central Academy of Drama will delve into the essence of Russian theatre master Stanislavski’s acting system. Through individual and group exercises, participants will grasp the true essence of acting and acquire the key to the world of performance!

/ Previous Participants’ Feedback

“MUKA’s acting workshop introduced me to new friends, new experiences, and a new world. My perception of acting has been completely refreshed. Every word spoken by Dr. Dr. Deric Gan holds logic. Every formula he presented reflects the ‘authentic’ aspect within us actors. He made me realize that being an actor doesn’t mean simply ‘acting.’ It involves a process, a formula, from understanding oneself to shaping a character. I used to think that understanding a character’s traits would suffice, but Dr. Dr. Deric Gan said, ‘If you think like that, you’re done.’ This became the most frequently repeated phrase during the 16 hours of teaching. Yes, you can’t just think; you need to contemplate, evaluate, imagine, create, verify, practice, and experiment!” (1st Batch Student: Mingirl Loh)

“Eagerly, I brought my notebook to the workshop, ready to jot down every theory and every golden nugget Dr. Dr. Deric Gan shared. Upon arriving, I found no tables, no chairs—just an empty space. Indeed, Dr. Yan wasted no words, translating theory into concrete practice through 100% exercises, allowing us to learn and comprehend. It dawned on me that I came to learn acting, not to attend classes.” (1st Batch Student: Isaac Kon)

“I realized how friendly and encouraging the teacher is after attending classes. Each feedback includes encouraging words, and each ‘good job’ makes me more motivated to attempt the next assignment. Of course, the teacher uses ‘Bye Bye’ to indicate poor quality work, but it’s okay; we’re meant to learn from mistakes and shortcomings. Otherwise, why would I attend classes? Moreover, the advice from the teacher is very thoughtful. After each assignment, I realize there are many details I could handle better… After the first day of class, I couldn’t sleep; my mind was busy pondering if interpreting previous assignments differently might be more interesting and appropriate.” (1st Batch Student: Xing Yi)

“Though I’m not the organizer, I’m delighted to witness everyone’s transformation—bold, liberated! Acting is the way to go! Many expressed their desire for more; I believe this workshop was a great success!” (1st Batch Student: Koy Han Lian)

“The director’s training magically connected what I’ve previously learned and experienced into a coherent sequence. After the first day’s course, I felt reborn, enlightened. It’s just the way it is; my past experiences and studies weren’t in vain; they just needed to be connected.” (1st Batch Student: Freeman Chin)

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