New Theater Model Under The Epidemic

New theater model under the epidemic Theatre
Tutor: Cai Yajiao

In the face of the epidemic, theaters cannot be opened. When theater is separated from traditional theater architecture, how can it happen? The Ph.D. from the Department of Stage Art of the Central Academy of Drama explored the theme of “theatre is everywhere” from a new perspective, starting from the “unconventional theater”, and thoroughly discussed the development of contemporary theater.

Suitable for all practitioners, art groups and students related to architectural design, art design, stage art, theater management.

Cai Yajiao has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the Department of Stage Art, China Academy of Traditional Opera; Ph.D. in the Department of Stage Art, Central Academy of Drama, under the tutelage of Professor Liu Xinglin; currently teaching at Beijing Dance Academy. Participated in the creation and practice of nearly 30 stage plays, and visited many domestic and foreign art festivals. The main research directions are “Contemporary Theater Performance Space Form”, “Repertoire Production and Theater Troupe Management”, “Dance Theater and Contemporary Art Cross-media performance” and so on. His books include: “Contemporary Unconventional Theater Performance”.

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