Script Appreciation: From “The King of Oedipus” to “The Rhino in Love”


Script Appreciation: From “Oedipus King” to “Rhino in Love” Script Appreciation
Mentor: Eva Wang

Through the script appreciation method, students can come into contact with many scripts from ancient Greece to modern times in order of year, and understand from which angle they should read and analyze the script.

A compulsory course for all those who are interested in drama and want to get in touch with different types of scripts, drama students and theater practitioners.

Wang Yiwa has a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature from Nankai University, and a master’s degree in directing from the Beijing Central Academy of Drama. Under the tutelage of Professor Jiang Tao (director of the Central Academy of Drama), he won the academic scholarship of the school in 2019 and went to the University of Edinburgh to study. Screenwriter on the “Youth Get” platform. Participated in the repertoire: “I am Yu Huanshui”, “Pradonov”, “Candy House in the Imagination Kingdom”, “I Think I’m Crazy”, “Golden Millions”, “Eight Hundred Miles of High Cold” and so on.

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