【MUKA Training : Performance Workshop】Unlock the Code to Performance (Beginner’s Level) 【First Class】

 Date: March 14th to 15th, 2020 (Saturday & Sunday)

Workshop Hours: 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Venue: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Language of Instruction: Chinese

/Student Audience

【Age】18 years and above

Suitable for theater and film actors

/Course Introduction

What is performance? What are the keys to a successful performance? What is theatrical thinking? What distinguishes film actors from stage actors? How can one become a professional actor? Dr. Deric Gan from Beijing Central Academy of Drama will impart the essence of Russian theater master Stanislavski’s performance system in this course. Through individual and group creative exercises, participants will grasp the true essence of performance and gain the key to the world of acting!

/Feedback from Past Participants

At the Muka Acting Workshop, I met new friends, experienced new things, and ventured into a new world. My perspective on acting has been completely refreshed. Every word spoken by Dr. Deric Gan carries profound reasoning. Every formula he presents reflects the most “original” aspects of us actors. He made me deeply understand that as an actor, one should not just focus on “acting,” but rather on the process of self-discovery and character development. It involves a journey with formulas. I used to think that understanding the nature of a character was sufficient, but Dr. Deric Gan said, “If you think that way, you’re in trouble.” This became one of the most frequently repeated phrases during the 16 hours of teaching. Yes, you can’t just think; you need to contemplate, evaluate, imagine, create, confirm, practice, and experiment! (First class student: Mingirl Loh)

With great enthusiasm, I brought my notebook to the workshop, intending to jot down every theory and golden nugget shared by Dr. Deric Gan. To my surprise, there were no tables or chairs at the venue—just an open space. Indeed, Dr. Deric Gan is straightforward; he concretely teaches theories through 100% practice and hands-on learning, helping us to study and comprehend. It suddenly dawned on me: I came here to learn acting, not just to attend classes. (First class student: Isaac Kon)

I realized after attending class that the teacher is incredibly friendly and approachable. Every feedback session is filled with encouraging words, and each “well done” motivates us to eagerly attempt the next assignment. Of course, there were instances when the teacher humorously used “Bye Bye” to indicate subpar work. However, that’s fine; the point is to learn from mistakes and deficiencies. After all, why else would I be attending classes? The teacher’s suggestions are sound, and through each assignment, I discovered numerous ways to improve the details. After completing the first day of class, I couldn’t sleep that night; my mind was consumed by thoughts of interpreting previous assignments in more interesting and fitting ways. (First class student: Xing Yi)

Though I’m not the organizer, I’m delighted to witness everyone’s transformation—bravery, liberation! If you’re performing, you’re on the right track! Many have said they wanted more; I believe this workshop was a great success! (First class student: Koy Han Lian)

The director’s training magically connected the dots between my previous learning and experiences in an organized manner. After the first day of class, I felt reborn, like I had an epiphany. This is what it’s all about; my past experiences and learning weren’t in vain, they just hadn’t fully connected yet. (First class student: Freeman Chin)

March 14th to 15th, 2020 (Saturday & Sunday)

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