MUKA O! Virtual Choir: Malaysian Sing-Along :有一条河从皇宫前流过


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23/10/2020 有一条河从皇宫前流过 1.2k
MUKA O! Virtual Choir: Malaysian Sing-Along project initiated by MUKA Goodwill to promote Malaysian performing arts and keeping Malaysian performing arts alive. We want you to sing-along with us and share our love together to the world! Stay tuned for another music video in October 2020!
Creative Team of
The River That Flows By The Palace
Presented by MUKA SPACE
Supported byCENDANA Create Now Funding Programme
Co-supported by PixArt Creation
Producer :Easee Gan
Music Director :Lee Yueh Yi
Lyricists :Deric Gan,Tan Li Yang
Composers:Toh Shir Ling,Jacqueline Teng,Andrew Lim
Music Arranger:Jpax Music
Video Editor:Sha
Singers :
Abigail Lim
Adrian Chiew
Alan Jong Kok Ming
Amy Mok Yong Ai
Amy Ting
Angelynn Ang
Angie Lee Hui Ying
Ashley Lim
Bernard Lee
Bryan Sim
Carmen Pui
Cherry Yap Peak Sian
Chris Yew
Cindy Tan
Clement Hong
Conway Tan
Crystal Ling Yan Tong
Dennis Ling Ong Hong
Doreen Chai
Edwin Chiew
Ezra Ngu
Grace Lim
Jason Pook Jin Seng
Jojo Teo Min Er
Joshua Liw
Matthew Tie
Nelly Ting Ee Shyuan
Nigel Yap
Okawa Tan
Peggy Ting
Ryan Chew
Ting Wei Wei
Vivi Ying
Wong Yu Xuan
Thank you to all who have contributed to MUKA Goodwill’s Virtual Choir project!
Thank you for supporting Malaysian performing arts!
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