MUKA Literature 04: The Show Must Go On

Author : Deric Gan ⎮ First published in August 2020

“The Show Must Go On: From Dear Elena Sergeevna to Rasa Melaka” is the fourth book in the MUKA Literature series. The author, Dr. Deric Gan, is a Malaysian theatre director based in both China and Malaysia. This book is a record of his eight-year creative journey of directing stage plays back in Malaysia from 2012 to 2019. He has created eight stage plays within the span of eight years, and was awarded best director for 7 times in both the Malaysian Chinese ADA Drama Awards and the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. The stage plays under his baton have garnered over 40 drama awards throughout the years. This book will focus on the origin of each creation, the difficulties encountered during rehearsals, and the professional knowledge of drama. Other participants of the stage plays, such as producers, actors, designers, as well as drama critics, will also express their feelings and opinions regarding the work which they participated in. This is the first book that writes about the situation of Malaysian Chinese drama scene after “The Lone Ranger on Stage” (Vol.1 of MUKA Literature) and “Everyone is a Great Actor” (Vol.2 of MUKA Literature). This is a collection of precious information.

  • Special thanks to ASLI for sponsoring part of the printing cost of “The Show Must Go On”.
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