MUKA Buy Your Bill: Artists Shared Lunch Program

Goodwill Event
Dates Details of Activities No. of Audiences or Participants
1-31/7/2020 MUKA Buy Your Bill 200


MUKA Buy Your Bill

List of arts organisations:

ACX Productions

Asia Musical Productions

Bekas Journal


Greenlight Pictures

Heart Towards The Sun Theatre

Kwang Tung Dance Company

Manne Chen Event Management

Meme Production

Orang Orang Drum Theatre

Secret Fox Entertainment

Starlight Gateway

The Bubble Lab

The Dramatic Art Society

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

WUXU Dance Troupe

Yasmine Make Up


List of artists:

Beatrice Looi

Eliza Yu

Isaac Kon

Rosa Chong

Tan Li Yang

Vivienne Oon

How do artists claim and enjoy【MUKA FREE MEAL】

1. Go to 【山達小鋪 Yamatatsu】or【六艺Café】 during lunch time
2. Order 【MUKA FREE MEAL】 through the waiter
3. Fill in personal information and the name of your art related company/group/organization
4. Take a photo with 【MUKA FREE MEAL】 before enjoying your meal
5. Enjoy your delicious lunch happily!

Terms and Conditions

1. During the activity period (1st till 31st July), we will only provide 100 pax of 【MUKA FREE MEAL】 for each restaurant mentioned, each artist can only claim ONCE before the meals sold out.
2. 【MUKA FREE MEAL】 is only available for dine-in, takeaway is not allowed;
3. 【MUKA FREE MEAL】is only available for lunch time from Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday;
4. Any orders other than 【MUKA FREE MEAL】 have to pay by yourself; (Please support them!)
5. Enjoyer must fill in the dine-in date, name, mobile number and name of your art related group /company /organization accurately;
6. The most creative 【MUKA FREE MEAL】photo is entitled to a new set of MUKA LITERATURE which will be published in August!

Collaboration Restaurant/Café info:

️ Yamatatsu 山达小铺
Address:30, Jalan 2/131A, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact No:011-65690402

【MUKA FREE MEAL】avaibility:
12pm to 3pm (Monday till Friday,Thursday closed)
【MUKA FREE MEAL】Food:Braised Pork Rice(can’t be replaced)

️ 6yi Café 六艺咖啡馆
Address:12A 1F, Jalan Awan Hijau, Taman Overseas Union, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact No:010-6616171

【MUKA FREE MEAL】avaibility:
12pm to 3pm (Tuesday till Friday,Monday closed)
【MUKA FREE MEAL】Food:Nam Yu Pork Rice(can’t be replaced)

Muka Space reserves the right of final interpretation for the event

Further information may contact MUKA GOODWILL’s person in charge:
whatsapp Miss Lee 016-6551636
Please follow MUKA SPACE 木卡空间


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