Turn Performance Products Into Best Selling

Date: 7-9/6/2020

Turn performance products into best selling
Tutor: Zhou Dan

Through the course, students can learn about the formal process of drama production, how to avoid risks at various stages, the commercial impact of the standardized process on the work, and become an art seller with commercial acumen.

It is suitable for all those who are interested in drama production and are engaged in all commercial performance activities and stage performance production.

Zhou Dan, born in 1980s, outstanding Chinese drama producer. He has been engaged in drama production for more than ten years, and has planned and produced more than 40 drama works. There have been thousands of performances around the world, and the total box office has exceeded 10 million. In 2016, he won the “Beijing Outstanding Producer” award and the 2018 Chinese Ministry of Culture’s “Sino-British Producer Class” outstanding student. Successful production cases include: “Nyonya Aimei”, “Rock Kingdom Adventure”, “The Importance of Seriousness”, “Non-stop Sorrow”, “Father”, and “One Sentence Is Worth Ten Thousand Sentences”.

Thank you to individuals and representatives from 23 arts organisations for supporting Zhou Dan’s arts marketing lecture:

  • Asia Ballet Academy Sdn Bhd
  • Astro
  • BigFish
  • Blue Sky Dance Theatre
  • Crazy Enterprise
  • Eutopia Theatre
  • Greenhopper Theatre
  • Han Production
  • Hands Percussion
  • Jig & Giggle Productions
  • Karyawan Malaysian Writers Association
  • Little Door Festival
  • M Famosa Singing Club
  • Neighborhood Performance Group
  • ONZ Production
  • Ruanatworkz Musical Arts
  • Souls Impact
  • Stage69 Academy and Productions
  • Starlight Gateway
  • Teochew Puppet & Opera House
  • The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
  • WUXU Dance Troupe

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