【MUKA Training: Theater Director Workshop】Unlocking the Director’s Code【First Class】

【Muka Training: Theater Director Workshop】Unlocking the Director’s Code (First Class)

Instructor: Dr.Deric Gan

Workshop Dates: March 9th to 13th, 2020 (Mon – Fri)

Time: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Location: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Language: Mandarin

Number of Participants: Limited to 6 people

*Age Requirement: 16 years and above

*Class Taught in Chinese

/Course Introduction

The theater director workshop will teach specific stage directing techniques, allowing students to grasp knowledge about theatrical thinking, facts and events, rhythm and atmosphere, scene coordination, artistic styles, and genres. Through rehearsal practices, students will learn to manage the relationship between directors and actors, becoming qualified stage directors.

This course also welcomes actors with performance experience to join, enabling them to shape roles from a director’s perspective and become high-quality actors who can collaborate with directors.

For directors and writers in the film and television industry facing creative bottlenecks, seeking inspiration from theatrical creation, you are also welcome to join the world of theater, understanding and mastering the unique “action-oriented visual thinking” of theater directing.

/Student Feedback

During the process of completing assignments, we would first discuss the theme to describe the story we wanted to tell. Then, within specific constraints, each group would showcase their creativity to present a complete story. After the presentation, the instructor would provide guidance or increase the complexity of the assignments. This would challenge our creativity, adaptability, and logical thinking. – First batch student: Goh Kuan Han

Participating in the “Directing Class” in Malaysia was an unattainable dream, yet it came true. For me, dramatic art should begin with stage theater. Unfortunately, many Malaysian directors and actors seem to lack a theatrical background and experience, including myself. Claiming to be a director and actor without understanding the basics, I am ashamed of myself and feel accountable to the audience. In just five days of intensive training, I broke free from the confines of film and television, emptied myself to reacquaint with drama, and understand what “performance on stage” truly means. To be honest, during the first three days, I completed “homework” each night with trepidation because I didn’t understand what performance was at all. So I told myself, “I must break through!” Until that final night, I suddenly understood. I finally realized that I, too, am an audience member! Who are we telling stories to? The audience! These days, we repeatedly learn the patterns and methods of storytelling… The eight of us constantly switched positions, observed, and executed many works in various exercises, just to understand these basics! Fortunately, I think I understand now! – First batch student: Isaac Hor

The instructor in the course seems particularly approachable, guiding us step by step to understand the “keys” required for a theater director. In these days of classes, there’s not much unnecessary talk; we directly create and present. If we make mistakes, we create again and present again, in order to understand the foundation of those “keys” and extend our own creativity and ideas. This course arrangement effectively activates our brain cells, as we create and think simultaneously. Whether looking at our own works or our classmates’ works, you can always discover new elements.    – – First batch student: Kok Siong

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