MUKA Literature 02: Everyone is a Great Actor

Author : Deric Gan ⎮ First published in December 2019

“Everyone Is A Great Actor” is a doctoral dissertation of the author Deric Gan who studied drama at the Central Academy of Drama. The book proposes a brand new doctrine “Life Performance Studies”. Life performance studies is non-ontological but a practical performing arts discipline that combines multiple interdisciplinary courses, such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, and natural sciences, from the functional perspective of applied drama. It is applicable to any individual in the social class who is interested in improving personal qualities and abilities. “Life Performance Studies” combines drama actor training courses, theatrical quality education, people’s drama and art therapy training, games and methods. Through the three stages of “self-recognition”, “self-affirmation” and “self-surpass”, it relies on individual conscious will and strength to learn and practice towards perfecting personality, realising the value of life and the pursuit of happiness.

  • “Everyone is a Great Actor” nominated for Book Reader’s Choice Awards in National Library of Malaysia Book Awards 2020. 
  • Special thanks to ASLI for sponsoring part of the printing cost of “Everyone is a Great Actor”.
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